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My boy Patrick, who we lost to Cancer in 2009. Gone but never forgotten!

Thank you for supporting 2 Million Dogs 2 Miles and Patrick's Legacy. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Patrick and I found each other in March of 1997. He was a super special pup and one of the smartest doggies I've ever met. As time went by there wasn't a kid in the neighborhood who didn't know his name and come to our house to play. He was kinda high energy but he took great care when with small children.
When a new insulin was making me drop dangerously low in the middle of the night, he began waking me up when I was so low I wasn't doing it on my own.
Patrick loved watching TV but hated bears, werewolves and Voldemort when they appeared there! LOL He would sound the alert and make sure they knew they were NOT welcome!

He was so special to so many!

One rainy day in April of 2009 he went out to potty and I went about my business inside. I heard him cry out - which was not like him at all - and found that his left rear leg had completely snapped in two. I rushed him to the vet. They sedated him and took him back to see what was up and what might be done. Even though he was terrified and in tremendous pain, he gave kisses to the vet and tech. They came back and told me that he was full of bone cancer and would only have another day or two left to live. Rather than make him suffer more, I let him cross the Rainbow Bridge.
The tears flowed freely for a very long time and are again as I write this. He had been my best friend, confidant, support system for over 12 years.
So I do this for Patrick and the multitudes of others who have lost the fight...
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